Ever wondered how those wonderful kullads reach your store, perfect and sturdy? Well, here we try and explain the life of a Kullad up until it reaches you. It might answer some of the biggest questions you've ever had!

Feb. 1, 2018

The life of Rajasthani Kullads.

Updated On: Aug. 9, 2019


Ever wondered what those beautiful bright red kulhads encounter before reaching your store to help serve some amazing Kulhad Tea? Well, here is it! The Life of Kulhars

1. The raw materials are all put together by skilled traditional craftsmen at our factories, all the way in Rajasthan, resulting in the birth of kullads.

2. These kullads are then dried in earthen ovens, making them strong and giving them the earthen red colour everyone desires.

3. We now transport these kullads all the way from Rajasthan to places like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, and at the same time host them on our website, Pirsq.com, complete with details like shape and size.

4. All you need to do now is place your order online after choosing from the numerous varieties of kulhads we sell.

5. Your kulhars are now loaded into our efficient trucks, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery of your order.

6. Delivered straight at your doorstep, you are now all set to get back to serving piping hot kulhad chai!

Kullad Clay Cup Vs. Paper Cup

The hot beverage served in the Kullad gives a pleasant smell and taste. The traditional Kullads are 100% compostable and pose no harm to the environment as the Kullad is nothing more than the baked clay soil which doesn't harm the nature even if they are disposed of in the landfill or the sea.

While the paper cup which is commonly used for hot tea & coffee and are made from the wood pulp with a small percentage of the plastic LDPE lining inside, the paper cups aren't recycled properly, and most of the used teacup ends up in the landfills. It is because the plastic has to be removed from the cup to properly recycle the paper cup.

Is Kulhad/Kulhar Food Grade?

The Kullad are generally safe to use and possess few health benefits too. The clay soil in Rajasthan, Kolkata, and many UP areas has a low level of heavy metals such as lead & cadmium.

It's important to know where your Clay Pot is coming from. If it's coming from some other area which isn't known for pottery you should get a few samples tested before using them to maintain Health & Safety standards.

From Where Can I Buy Kullad Clay Cups?

The traditional way of procuring Kullad is to contact the Kullad manufacturers at West Bengal, Rajasthan, UP or look for the clay pot makers in your city. The biggest problem in this approach is the reliability and breakage. If you and the manufacturer are not in the same city then the breakage will be more.

The new approach is to buy Kullad online at Pirsq.com since they're involved in the manufacturing of the Clay Cups. You can see the actual image online, compare prices with the offline vendor. They even provide 5% breakage guarantee if you stay near Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Karnataka.