There are many quirky designs listed online which looks good but might not be feasible practically. This can be because of the higher manufacturing cost, more wastage. I have prepared a list of 10 packaging options which are quirky yet practical in design.

April 29, 2019

Quirky Packaging Designs Which Make Sense

Updated On: Sept. 13, 2019

French Fries Cone

As the names suggest its the holder for the french fries. The paper cone is manufactured from food grade paper. Your customers can move around with the paper cone loaded with fries easily. Another cool add-on is the sauce pouch on the top of the cone.

Cake Box With Handle

The paper box with the handle isn't something very new but the design is still in trend. The additional of the handle makes the handling of delicate cake and pastries easier and you don't have to provide an extra paper bag with handle for the cake box.


Match Box

The matchbox boxes are relatively expensive than the plain cake boxes. The matchbox design boxes look and feel premium. You can ask for an additional window in the box to give the sneak peek to the product inside the box. The design is definitely quirky and the customer will be compelled to notice the design of the food grade paper box.

Convertible Burger Box

The convertible paper box opens up in the form of the paper tray where the customer can have food easily. The packaging is clever as you can simply hand over the burger inside the box and your customer can have it without using any trays saving you the additional cost of keeping plastic trays and plates.


D-Cut Paper Bag

The paper bag with the D-Cut instead of the handle is the clever idea. The design is innovative and is slightly cheaper than the paper bag with the handle.

Paper Cup with Handle

The hot tea inside the paper cup might be a little difficult for the customer to hold. Some of the customers take two paper cups if the tea is very hot. The intelligent solution is to use the paper cup with the handle. Its easier to have a hot beverage with the paper cup with handle.


Rectangular Box

Generally, sandwich boxes are triangular in shape. The rectangular shaped sandwich boxes are something different. The paper box has the window to give a sneak peek to the delicious sandwich packed inside the box. The rectangular box is different from the standard sandwich box and attracts customers.

Roll Box with Tear Option

The roll box with the tear option in the middle so that anyone having your delicious rolls can tear the top part and hold the roll from the bottom box. The tear option makes it easier to eat the roll from the box and move around.


Innovative Pizza Box

The top board of the pizza box can be broken into four trays over which the customer can have the pizza and the bottom box can be folded into a triangular corrugated box for the leftover pizza which the customer can take back if he/she wants to have the remaining pizza later.

Corrugated Biryani Box with the Jute Rope Handle

The corrugated box with rope handle is the sturdy box which can be used for small and large portions of Biryani. The box with the rope handle eliminates the need of the paper bag. The idea is the combination of the sturdy box and the bag. The box, however, is not food grade and it's essential that it's used as the secondary packaging box. The Biryani or starter should be packed inside some food grade aluminium cover or the biryani pot which is kept inside the box.


Are the designs mentioned above are Eco-Friendly?

The designs with the window such as sandwich box and the Matchbox style sliding paper box aren't 100% biodegradable. It's better to check if the plastic is banned in your state. If it is, then you can go with the same box but without the window.