Having sleepy Monday blues, or some particularly exhausting back-to- back meetings? This calls for some relaxing hot tea. But what if you just don’t have the time for a rush to the tea shop? All you need is a chai flask brimming with garam chai! With our brand new disposable tea flasks, you can now carry/deliver hot tea in a convenient and eco-friendly way. Check them out at www.pirsq.com!

Jan. 19, 2018

Delivering Tea? Yes, it’s no longer a dream!

Updated On: Sept. 20, 2019

What is Disposable Flask?

As the name suggests, the Disposable Flask is the combination of the Aluminium pouch and the outer covering of corrugated box. The Aluminium flask is leakproof & spillproof.
The Disposable flask is used to pack and deliver Hot & Cold beverages such as Soups, Coffee, Tea's

Why do we need Disposable Tea Flask?

There are not many viable solutions to pack & deliver hot & cold beverages to the customer except Disposable Flask.
Before Disposable Flask, plastic pouches, plastic, and paper cups were used to deliver beverages to the customer. There were more damages & complaints.

Disposable flasks prove to be a perfect solution. As they can be used for safe delivery of a hot beverage, without fears of getting burnt, the container getting soggy, or tea spills.

The container can be disposed of easily after consumption and can keep the tea warm for about 30-40 minutes. Disposable tea flasks are a popular solution to the problem of carrying tea for a group of people.

Why do we need the Outer Corrugated Box?

The outer corrugated box provides the inside spout pouch additional insulation & protection. On top of that, we can print design on the outer corrugated box. Also, it's not easy to hold the hot Aluminium pouch directly.

How to get Branded Disposable Flask?

The outer corrugated box can be printed with your logo design. The minimum order quantity for logo printed Disposable Chai Flask starts from 2,000 pieces.

If you don't have the printing design ready, then I'll recommend ordering your customized Disposables Tea Flask here(add link here). After placing the order, you can ask for the available themes and select one of them.

For how long the Disposable Flask can keep the hot beverage warm?

The Aluminium pouch itself can keep the hot beverages such as Tea, Coffee, Soups, Hot Chocolate hot for about 20 minutes.
The outer corrugated box provides additional insulation and protection. Along with the outer corrugated box, the Disposable Flask can keep the beverage warm for 30-40 minutes.